Autism: How We Can Help

Welcome to MindSource Center! We look forward to serving your family.

Whether your loved one has been recently diagnosed, is not yet diagnosed or you’re hoping to find services to more closely match their needs, one of the most important steps in choosing your treatment team is finding providers with the right knowledge and expertise to help, and who will be genuinely invested in your child’s success.

Coordinated services gets better results.

Through MindSource Center, you’ll have the opportunity to bring together the services you need, all under one roof.

  • Counseling
  • Speech Therapy
  • Diagnosis & Assessment
  • School Consultation & Behavioral Support
  • Social Development

We’re large enough to offer treatment options and the expertise you need, yet we’re small enough to care about you.

Meaningful Whole-Family Help

From the point of first diagnosis, and throughout your child’s journey into adulthood, we’re here to grow with your loved one and provide support across the lifespan. Autism touches every family member uniquely, and our whole-person, whole-family approach leaves no one out. Our goal is to work together with your child’s therapists, teachers, and doctors to ensure the best possible outcome.

In-School Support

MindSource Center provides local school districts with professional consultation services and in-school 1:1 behavioral support to ensure student success in the classroom. Our school-based services are available only under contract with school districts. To learn more, contact our Executive Director.

Other services available to children and parents can be tailored to support school success, including parent consultation, neuropsychological assessment and counseling.

Social Programs & Speech Therapy

Social Programs

Experiencing success may be the next important step in building healthy relationships. Any new skill requires practice. Find out how our Social Programs provide natural opportunities for communicating and connecting with peers in a fun, activity-focused format. Focused support ensures that your child can use new skills effectively and experience how rewarding friendship can feel! Contact John Williamson, CCC-SLP about our social programs.

Speech Therapy

Communication empowers a child to influence their world. These skills form the foundation for developing self-confidence, rewarding friendships, independence, employability, and other strengths needed for quality of life across a person’s lifespan. Learn more about how Speech & Language Therapy can help your child connect and relate with others or schedule an appointment now.

Need an Accurate or Updated Diagnosis?

Schedule an Appointment now for expert help to assess your child for Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental delays, psychological and other conditions, or Learn More about how neuropsychological assessments can identify ways to help your child succeed.

Feeling Stressed?

It’s not easy being a sibling, a family member or an individual living with autism.
Mental Health Counseling can help build skills for coping with life’s challenges.
Learn more about Counseling Services