Personalized care to meet a spectrum of needs

Our Mission
We improve quality of life for members of our community by providing relevant, meaningful and clinically-excellent treatment, and support for individuals and families whose lives have been touched by autism.

It takes a team.

Diagnosing and treating autism is not always straightforward. A spectrum of behaviors and needs may be complicated by such conditions as anxiety, social fears, sensory defensiveness, learning difficulties, attention challenges, or communication barriers. Families are uniquely impacted by autism and a parent’s or sibling’s coping styles may add another source of stress.

Put your family’s care in the best hands possible.

Our team of experts have worked with hundreds of children like yours. In fact, our founder is a mom who lived the autism parenting journey herself. She created MindSource Center to help you benefit from everything she learned while preparing her boys to be successful adults. You can read her story here.

Let’s partner to give you exactly what you and your family member needs.
Autism Care and Services

A better way to manage emotions. Anyone can get “stuck” when life feels too hard, or when big emotions get in the way. Mental Health Counseling focuses a person on areas they can control and improve, to manage life’s challenges with greater confidence. Learn about Counseling Services.

You are the most critical component of your child’s success. We can help you be the shaping factor and guiding force in your child’s development and become the parent you want to be. Parent training is offered in various forms by our mental health counselors our clinical psychologists and our Behavioral Support team.

Communication is far more than words. Learning to connect, relate and share with others empowers a child to influence their world. Learn more about how Speech & Language Therapy can benefit your child.

Experiencing success is key. Natural opportunities for communicating, connecting, and having fun with peers provide relevant practice for newly acquired skills. Learn more about our Social Programs.

More Info Coming Soon Learn about Behavioral Support

Mental Health Counseling, no talking required. Art Therapy is a counseling method that bypasses language for greater self-expression and provides powerful tools for strengthening skills and achieving personal goals. Learn about Art Therapy.

New - Coming Soon!

School Consultation & Classroom Support Whether requested by the school district or the parent, our school-based services are designed to help each student enhance their learning through accommodations suggestions, individualized behavioral strategies, on-site 1:1 student support, or professional training and consultation for school district staff. We work closely with school staff and are available to contract with school districts. For more information, contact our Executive Director.